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Special Broadcasts

From time to time KHMB will air a “special” program, show or feature. This includes seasonal broadcasts on subjects ranging from Fourth of July, Dream Machines, Pumpkin Festival or Christmas shows. A list of such shows with dates and subject titles are listed here for your convenience and exploration! You can listen to any such show on demand, right now!

Notable Deaths in 2022 | 12/31/2022

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Our Shows

jim henderson behind the mic

Radio Magazine

rear view of rueben truthmaker and sandy brightside in front of the mic

Coastal Windage

kelly morlock on stage singing into a mic in front of a bright light

Coastside Carousel

red caduceus symbol on white background

Keeping Pace with Your Health

cameron palmer at the mic

Time Machine

Dr. Ghoul in a black room

Dr. Ghoul

black and white photo of patricia garber and daniel hawthorne sitting on a train

Blue Suede Connection

christa livingstone with small child and large dog

Pet Patrol

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