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Pet Patrol

Hosted by Christa Livingstone

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christaChrista Livingstone has been an animal lover since she was a little girl.

She, along with her husband Greg, are the owners of Kibbles 'n Gifts Pet Shop. Christa and Greg were customers of Kibbles for many years. They have always been interested in natural, holistic care for pets. 6 years ago Christa and Greg purchased Kibbles.

Christa is also a local petsitter. She has been taking care of animals on the coast for over 9 years. She has lots of experience working with dogs, cats, farm animals and the little critters. In her own household, she has had to deal with most illnesses a pet can have. Because of this, Christa has spoken to many vets and done a lot of research on many illnesses and ailments dogs and cats suffer from.

Christa offers her pet care services thru Kibbles Pet Shop. Its called Kibbles Pet Care.

She says “Between Kibbles ’n Gifts and pet care, my life is surrounded by animals. I love it!”

At home Christa lives with her husband Greg, their son Lucas, 5 kitties (Calli, Zen, Carmel, Clairisse and Katniss) and the enduring spirit of their Beloved dog, Max.